Crown Building Supplies is one of the largest distributors of gypsum style boards in the Greater Vancouver Area. We carry products from brands like Denshield, Hardi Backer, Cement Board, Shafliner, and many more. Crown provides top quality service by working with you to ensure all essential supplies will be available for your project.

Crown Building Supplies have the best drywall in your town at reasonable costs. We have Lite Gypsum, Wall Board, Fire code, Fire rated drywall, Eco friendly drywall and almost all types of drywall.

Size4' x 8'4' x 9'4' x 10'4' x 12'4' x 14'
1/4" Sound Deadening Board
3/8" Gypsum Wall Board
1/2" High Strength Lite Gypsum
1/2" Mold Resistant Wall Board
5/8" Fire Code Lite Gypsum
5/8" Extended Exposure Sheathing
1/2" High Strength Lite Gypsum 54"


Drywall comes in the sheets and the standard size is, 4 * 8 feet and it goes upto 14 feet. you can choose your drywall according to your need. All these drywall came in the square or tapered edges. Drywall creates after while compressing the gypsum plaster. After that their thickness came, you have to select from the 3/8 to 1/2. The most common used is the 1/2. You can choose it by your gap between studs. 

We also have a variety of the Cement board in our store. Cement boards are not a drywall but also have the similar specifications, we can use it as a drywall. It is strong, used as moisture-resistant board. In the cement board the size and thickness vary, you can use it according to your need, the main benefit of the cement board is that we can use it as a subfloor beneath ceramic tiles, or as a backing for wall tiles.

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